Resimercial Furniture – Where residential and commercial style collide

When your job requires you to think, be creative, inspired, and productive, you need the right environment. An environment that is comfortable and inviting. One that allows creativity to flourish and ideas to flow.

Perhaps that’s why we’re seeing many forward-thinking designers specify spaces with a residential sensibility in mind. And a term gaining traction – ‘Resimercial design’.


What is resimercial design?


A combination of “residential” and “commercial,” the resimercial approach brings aspects of home into the contemporary workspace. It’s the integration of that cosy, homely feel that we miss during our workday into the office space.  A welcome change to the sterile feel of traditional corporate spaces.

Adding fuel to this trend are the Millennials and Gen Z’ers entering the workforce. The younger generation grew up with technology at their fingertips. With this constantly connected mentality, they have the inclination to work untethered from a desk. They like the freedom to work when and where they feel most comfortable, and spaces that give them options.

With today’s “always on” mentality, creating home-like environments, where people enjoy spending time, is one way to accommodate the increased demand placed on employees. The theory is that more comfortable work environments tend to help workers relax and collaborate more naturally.

Environments that accommodate different activities – as any residence would – can adjust to the ever-changing needs of workers throughout the day. Resimercial design enables these flexible spaces while providing touches of the comfort of home.


Introducing Inclass


We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to our range which aligns with the resimercial design trend. Modern and elegant with a residential vibe, the Inclass Collection includes 16 ranges of furniture, the result of collaborations between Inclass’s R&D team and talented designers from around the world. Tactile textures, materials and forms that evoke a sense of warmth, comfort and familiarity with a modernist twist.




The Dunas seating collection features enveloping contours that find their place in cosy, contemporary spaces for people to comfortably wait, converse or simply relax. With endless upholstery options and a number of leg options (including stool), Dunas is perfect in all kinds of contexts and resimercial spaces.





Unnia is a collection of chairs, armchairs, stools and benches with extensive colour and finish combinations. The design allows plastic or upholstered seats and backrests to be combined with a varied range of bases. This makes it possible to configure an endless number of customised designs that adapt to a diversity of contexts, spaces or decorative styles. The result is a comprehensive and versatile collection characterised by its conceptual purity, its fluid lines and its timeless spirit. Unnia collection has been awarded the prestigious design prize: “Design Guild Mark”.





Essens tables combine beauty, design and harmonious proportions. The meeting point between two essential volumes in equilibrium generates a table with a sculptural outline that fits perfectly in all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces alike. The Essens collection of tables comprises four types of 100% recyclable polyethylene bases.





The Altea collection is made up of comfortable armchairs with three backrest heights that can be combined with different bases and frames. A very versatile range, Altea sits comfortably in all kinds of spaces.  





The Lapse collection has a broad range of seating modules, side units and connectivity accessories designed to allow endless configurations. The fluid lines and materiality options provide a modernist aesthetic, and when paired with soft pillows and plants the resimercial feel calls out for people to sit and interact.  The possibilities for customisation, together with an essential and timeless aesthetic, make Lapse the ideal programme for waiting areas and lounge spaces in public buildings, hotels and offices. Lapse collection has been awarded the prestigious design prize: “ADCV AWARD 2017”.



Today’s diverse resimercial environments create the balance necessary for a content and productive workforce. In assessing the needs of their employees, organisations must strive to provide workspaces that combine function and inspiration. Resimercial design embodies these qualities while transporting workers into the comfort of home. Because as the saying goes, there’s no place like home.

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