Generation Z: Is your workplace ready?


Ready for Generation Z?

Generation Z is the demographic group following the Millennials and they’re just starting to trickle into the workforce now.

You know, the ones that make you feel old.

Born since 1995, Generation Z don’t remember life without a smartphone in their pocket.

They’re true digital natives.

But what do we know about these young people, and how will they impact the workplace?

We’ve done a bit of research…


The typical Gen Z


Generation Z has grown up with globalisation, recession, climate change, terrorism and technology expansion. And like the Millennials before them, this group has enjoyed the benefits of smaller family sizes, strong parental guidance, and heavy use of social media and portable technologies.

According to David Stillman, a GenZ expert, a typical GenZ is hard working, loyal and responsible. They value face to face communication and care about their impact on society.

And according to Stillman’s research, there are 7 personality traits that define GenZ.

#1. Pragmatic. 60% say they want a long career with one company

#2. Competitive. Almost half consider themselves very competitive

#3. Connected. 84% prefer face to face communications with a boss

#4. Socially responsible. 93% say that a company’s impact on society affects their decision to work there

#5. Customisers. No limit to ideas but half would rather get a job than create one

#6. Plugged in. Technology is in their DNA. 90.6% of GenZ say that a company’s technological sophistication would impact their decision to work there

#7. Self-reliant. Even though 77% say personal relationships with co-workers are important, many prefer to learn at their own pace.



What does this mean for the workplace?


One thing is for certain — GenZ in the workplace will mean change.

Just what change is still uncertain. But based on our research, here’s our take on what it will mean and what you need to do to get ready.


1. Encourage face-to-face communication and collaboration

Growing up with technology means GenZ are continually connected to their friends and peers online. But this hasn’t diminished their desire for face to face communication. Remember, Stillman’s research found 84% of GenZ prefer face to face communications with a boss.

While GenZ may be more independent and entrepreneurial than previous generations, studies show they also enjoy collaborating with co-workers. One study shows that 41% of GenZ say they prefer to work in an office for better communication with their colleagues.

Get ready: GenZ want workplaces that foster communication and conversation. This will impact both the cultural and physical aspects of work in the future.


2. Nurture talent and encourage growth and learning

The pragmatic GenZ group seem keen for some stability in their careers. Perhaps because they’re reacting to the gig economy endured by the Millenials before them, they would prefer to work for an organization that will support their growth and development.

Studies show this group will seek guidance, direction and support. Helping them progress and acquire new skills will build loyalty. Indicators show GenZ are not afraid of hard work — some are calling them self-motivated go-getters.

Get ready: Gen Z want workplaces where the culture supports their growth and development but gives them the freedom to do things their way.


3. Provide a tech-centered workplace

When you’ve grown up with technology all around you, you expect it to be good. GenZ will need the latest technology that allows them to stay connected and work efficiently. A company’s technological sophistication will impact their decision to work there, and stay working there.

Get ready: If you want to attract bright young up-and-comers, you’ll need to give them the necessary high-tech tools.


4. Offer work flexibility

This generation wants to make a difference at work and in the world in general. They’re competitive, self-reliant and socially responsible, willing to put in the time and effort to make big things happen.

But according to author Deep Patel, growing up in a fast-paced, technology-driven environment also means they have little patience for wasting time or putting in 9-to-5 hours when it’s not necessary. They subscribe to the adage of “work smart, not hard.”

Get ready: Foster a work culture and provide a work environment that allows people to be flexible with their work time, place, style and technology.


These new kids on the block will have a lot to offer the workplace. Like the generations before, they have big aspirations and will create change.

Are you ready?

Exciting times ahead.


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