Lead Time: 4-12 weeks

Designer: Jonathan Prestwich

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Essens tables combine beauty, design, and harmonious proportions. The meeting point between two essential volumes in equilibrium generates a table with a sculptural outline that fits perfectly in all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces alike. The Essens collection of tables comprises four types of 100% recyclable polyethylene bases for composing tables in an endless variety of formats.

Please specify the table top size and finish in the notes section



Please see spec sheet for more detailed information

Dimensions (mm): 
380Ø Base – 745h x 480Ø
Square Top: 600 x 600, 700 x 700, 800 x 800, 900 x 900
Round Top Ø: 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000

500Ø Base – 745h x 623Ø
Square Top: 1000 x 1000, 1200 x 1200
Round Top Ø: 1200, 1400, 1500

650Ø Base – 745h x 770Ø
Square Top: 1400 x 1400, 1600 x 1600
Round Top Ø: 1600, 2000

Oval Base with Rectangular Top – 745h x 400w x 700d
2 Bases: 2000l x 1000w, 2200l x 1200w, 2400l x 1200w, 2600l x 1600w, 2800l x 1400w, 3000l x 1400w
3 Bases: 4000l x 1400w, 5000l x 1400w, 6000l x 1400w
4 Bases: 7000l x 1400w, 8000l x 1400w

360Ø Bar Leaner Base – 1110h x 480Ø
Square Top: 600 x 600, 700 x 700, 800 x 800
Round Top Ø: 600, 700, 800, 900

Elliptical Base
2200l x 1400w, 2400l x 1400w, 2600l x 1500w, 2800l x 1500w

Table Top: Solid HPL, Fenix NTM and Marble tops are suitable for outdoor use. Bespoke table tops are available.
Oak veneer varnished in – Natural, Walnut, Wenge or Black stain
MDF with HPL Laminate – Oak, Walnut, Charcoal, Neutral Grey, Tortora
Solid HPL – Black
Solid HPL Fenix NTM® – Black
Natural Marble – White Carrara, Black Marquina
MDF lacquered in – Black, White, Anthracite, Marine Green, Turquoise Green, Mustard, Clay Orange, Rose, Coffee Brown, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Light Grey, Stone

Table Base: The bases are produced in 100% recyclable polyethylene.
Standard Plastic Colours: Black, Anthracite, Grey, Stone, White
Composed Colours: Rust Brown, Concrete
Standard Painted Colours: Black*, White*, Marine Green, Turquoise Green, Mustard, Clay Orange, Rose, Coffee Brown, Navy Blue, Sky Blue
Metallic Painted Colours: Silver, Copper, Gold
* also available in gloss paint

Cable Management
• The inside of the bases can optionally be fitted with a cable management tube that allows the cables to be run from the table top to the floor through the base interior to fully conceal them.
• The cables can be run through the top of the base, both from the centre and from the sides.
• The bases are equipped with cable outlets at floor level both from the centre and through the sides
• To adapt for today’s new ways of working with laptops, tablets and mobile devices, the conference tables can have a net underneath the top for organizing adapters and cables.

5 Years

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Lead Time:
4-12 weeks

380Ø Base

500Ø Base

Oval Base

360Ø Bar Leaner Base

Elliptical Base

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