Lead Time: 12+ weeks

Designer: Carlos Tiscar

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Lapse is a comprehensive modular programme that transcends the classic concept of waiting area seating. The broad range of elements and accessories available and the special design of the modules allows endless compositions to be configured, transforming waiting areas into collaborative spaces for interaction. Spaces in which to wait or rest, hold meetings or work in a team in a relaxed atmosphere. The collection offers a wide range of seating modules, side units and connectivity accessories that can be combined, adapting to each space.
The Lapse programme stands out for the fluid lines of the different elements and the flat backrests, which are rounded at their base to form original contours in their compositions that allow objects to be placed on them or comfortably drape an arm over them while conversing. The possibilities for customisation, together with an essential and timeless aesthetic, make Lapse the ideal programme for waiting areas and lounge spaces in public buildings, hotels and offices.
Lapse collection has been awarded the prestigious design prize: “ADCV AWARD 2017”.

Seat Module Options:
Half seat, single seat, low back seat, low back corner seat, high back seat
Arms: Additional rectangular or round arms available.

Frame Options:
Available for seat configurations from 2 seats long up to 5 seats long.
Also available as single width or double width for back-to-back seating configurations.

Side Table Options:
Half table top, one seater table top, magazine rack, collaborative table

Additional Options:
USB charging accessory – can be fitted in the backrests of the modules or in any of the units. It is supplied with a Schuko-type socket.
Wireless charging accessory – can be incorporated in any of the units and is supplied with a Schuko-type socket.
Schuko two-socket extension – can be incorporated in any of the units and is supplied with a Schuko-type socket.
Cushions – 25x48cm

IF Design Award 2018


Please specify in the notes which seat modules, side tables and additional options you require.



Dimensions (mm):
Length: 2 Seater – 1440 / 2.5 Seater – 1800 / 3 Seater – 2160 / 3.5 Seater – 2520 / 4 Seater – 2880 / 4.5 Seater – 3240 / 5 Seater – 3600
Seat Height: 436
Height: No Back – 456 / Low Back – 726 / High Back – 886
Please see Spec Sheet for all component dimensions

Available in Single Depth for standard benches and couches or Double Depth for back-to-back configurations.
Steel legs: They are produced in solid steel plate and are finished with polyester paint in black or white. *Optionally the legs can be equipped with adjustable glides.
Wooden legs: The exposed metallic parts are produced in solid steel plate finished in a black or white colour. The legs are equipped with adjustable glides. The wooden legs are available in oak varnished in Natural, Walnut, Wenge or Black stain.

Wooden Complementary Units: They are available in lacquered MDF and also in oak veneer.
Oak veneer – Natural, Walnut, Wenge varnish or Black stain
MDF – Black or White lacquer

Seat modules: They are produced with an inner steel or wooden structure covered with injection-moulded polyurethane foam. The modules with backrest come in two backrest heights and can optionally be fitted with a USB charging outlet.
Arms: Intermediate arms are produced in polyurethane foam and can be affixed to the underside of the modules.

Fabrics: Inclass fabrics (see Fabric Swatch Sheet below) or customer specified fabric

5 Years

Made In:

Lead Time:
12+ weeks

Seat Module Options

Frame Options

Side Table Options + Arm Options

Magazine Rack, Single Seats, Wooden Legs

Single Seats, One Seater Table Top, Half Seat, Wooden Legs

4 Seater

Back-to-back Frame, Low Back Straight & Corner Seats, Collaborative Tables, Lan Laptop Table

Single Seats, Rectangular Arm, Collaborative Table, Wooden Legs

Back-to-back Frame, Low Back Seats, Half Table Top

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