Staff Picks 2018

Well, 2018 went by in a flash, didn’t it?

Here at Crestline, we’ve had another epic year. Whilst still in growth mode we’ve also been focussing on developing our operational excellence. Needless to say, it hasn’t all been plain sailing but we’ve made some fantastic progress on a lot of fronts.

One thing we never let slip is our dedication to doing the very best for our customers. That’s the way we’ve always done business (and always will). And that dedication takes a team effort. It’s because of our great team of passionate people that we succeed. So as a way of celebrating 2018, we’ve asked the team about their favourite moments. A lighthearted review of the year…


Favourite project


Gallagher Basset by Gaze Commercial was a staff favourite. James chose it because of the use of our 3D Revit models to really bring it to life. Tracy and Donna appreciated the design of the space – and the view too.

Jon chose Uber by Cachet Group. An awesome fitout and a great brand to be associated with.

Webb Henderson, Textile Lofts, Tavendale & Partners and Duncan & Ebbett were also popular choices. But choosing was hard because we love ALL our projects!



Favourite event


This was a dead heat between our Pink Ribbon Breakfast supporting the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and the first ever VR+Architecture event. With VR/MR/AR set to revolutionise the way we work, Diego summed up why he chose the VR event by saying “it’s exciting to see the future now”. (If you missed the event, don’t worry, we’re planning the next one. You can also read a summary here.)

And, of course, Jon and Dean chose Orgatec. So many new ideas and products and we secured a number of exciting new brands exclusive for NZ. Stay tuned!




Best product


This went to the Sidiz T40. Such a great looking chair with clean lines and awesome functionality. Gary, Jon and James chose it for its good looks and versatility.

Diego selected the Colosseum because it provides a fabulous collaboration space and, with bold fabric choices, makes a real statement. And Luke has let the cat out of the bag by selecting the Inclass range which we’ll be introducing in 2019. Watch this space!



Most memorable moment


Everyone chose something different for this one. But there was a common theme. Team members going above and beyond for each other. Whether it’s pulling out all stops to get product out the door, or supporting each other in general. (Darrin’s Movember moustache did get quite a few mentions too.)


Best blooper


Here’s a small selection.

– From Diego, signing off an email with “Kind Retards”

– Naomi almost knocked herself out while demonstrating a sit-to-stand desk to a customer

– And Donna turned everyone’s teeth, tongues and lips blue with her Auckland Blues Pavlova for Darrin’s birthday


And from Richard, our Managing Director


“The highlight for me this year has been the moves towards operational excellence with implementation and refinement of our lean programme. We’ve made great progress in improving our processes and systems and refining our organisational structure and job roles to create a smooth running machine.”


There you have it. The year that was. It was a goodie.

More to come in 2019!

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