Inclass: What you missed, if you missed the launch


As far as product launches go, Inclass is our largest to date.

It had to be. After all, we’re talking about a collection of 16 ranges of furniture.

Modern and elegant, the Inclass collection has super-clean lines that will stand the test of time. The collection is the result of collaborations between Inclass’s R&D team and talented designers from around the world.

Situated by the Mediterranean Sea in Spain, Inclass is a dynamic family company founded in the late 1990s, dedicated to the manufacture of contemporary designer furniture. Inclass Collection typifies the avant-garde creativity of some of Europes greatest designers, including Jorge Pensi, Simon Pengelly, Carlos Tiscar, and Christophe Pillet


Why Inclass?


After first discovering Inclass at the 2014 Orgatec Furniture Fair in Cologne, we have been keeping an eye on their growing range of innovative designs. After visiting their impressive displays at subsequent Orgatec events, we were highly impressed with the clever design details, sculptural forms, and beautiful finishing. With the increasing use of breakout seating in the modern agile workspace, at the 2018 Orgatec, we knew the time had come – we just had to bring the exclusive Inclass collection to New Zealand.



The launch


We enjoyed two great evenings in our Auckland and Waikato showrooms with Architects and Interior Designers from all over NZ popping in, curious to see, touch and try the renowned range of Inclass furniture

Feedback on the range was overwhelmingly positive, with designer’s trained eyes picking up on the subtle design flourishes, quality materials and finishes, and construction techniques. Of particular interest was the modular Lapse sofa series, with much intrigue as to how a 4.5 seat sofa could have such a minimalist wide span look while proving absolutely solid and deflection free support (spoiler alert – it’s all to do with the heavy gauge steel subframe lurking beneath).

In true Crestline style, we had our own in-house chef cooking fine Spanish cuisine with a selection of delectable Spanish Tapas, Chorizo and cheese boards on the menu, paired with refreshing beverages such as the popular Sangria and Spanish Estrella.

They are both memorable events and we were privileged to meet many new people and get so much positive feedback from the A&D community.



Thank you to all of you who joined us to celebrate the launch of Inclass in NZ  – and keep an eye out for further additions to the range in the near future.


The product


The Inclass Collection is a wide family of products for use across all areas of commercial and hospitality projects. The collection offers refined and elegant design aesthetics and is specifically designed by renowned industrial designers for utilisation in high use commercial areas. No lightweight ‘celebrity’ pretentiousness here – just good solidly built pieces designed to not only look amazing but also to survive the rigours of commercial life.

You can explore the entire collection on our website or we’ve featured a few of our favourites below.


Dunas is a range of chairs and stools by French designer Christophe Pillet. Enveloping contours and sleek lines find their place in cosy, contemporary spaces.


The Arc and Nim ranges of furniture are by Spanish design duo Yonoh.  With plenty of options for customisation, these simple yet refined pieces have a natural warmth and style.


British designer Simon Pengelly’s Unnia and Varya furniture ranges are both extensive. The broad variety of bases and extensive range of finishes allows for endless customisation possibilities.


Spanish designer Jorge Pensi’s Lund range consists of a sofa and armchairs who’s timeless design sits at home in lounge areas, waiting spaces, lobbies and contemporary houses.


British designer Jonathan Prestwich’s Essens tables combine beauty, design and harmonious proportions and are light and 100% recyclable.


Did you catch our blog on resimercial design? Learn how Inclass products work in this context.




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