Sitting pretty: Why you should put your best chair forward

We sit on them daily, and probably don’t give them too much thought. But, the humble chair was once a hypnotic symbol of power.

Up until the Middle Ages, elevated seating was reserved for the derrieres of rulers and the upper classes. The bigger the chair, the more important the person. Think Kings, Queens …

Fast forward to 2019 and no home or office is without them. But a chair can still say so much about you or your business.

First impressions count and the first impression you give as a business or organisation is often your reception area.

What do your reception chairs say about your business? What do you want them to say? If the answers to these two questions are at odds, it might be time to take another look at your seating … to keep existing and potential customers sitting pretty.




Does your reception seating reflect your brand? What mood does it evoke?

Most of our seating can be upholstered in the colour of your choice. If you have distinct brand colours, then mirroring these in your reception seating conveys a message of cohesion and professionalism, like in the Bunnings head office .



You should also take into account the mood you are trying to create – is it a sense of fun, or one of serenity? Think bright, bold colours for a fun, playful aesthetic and muted tones for a more calm setting.

When Rangiora Eyecare moved into a vibrant, new building they were looking for a funky new look. A warm, inviting space was created by mirroring the Waimak River in the carpet, and upholstering chairs in uplifting yellows and complementary patterned fabrics.





Colour is not the only way to reflect your brand in your reception furniture. Chairs or sofas that mimic your brand design, will create a comfortable synergy. Is your logo and font curvy or angular? Is it modern or retro?

For instance, the Abbey chair, with retro styling, suggests a space that is relaxed and homely. Whereas the Camilla chair is a simple, modern, square design with minimalism in mind.



At Fosters in Hamilton, the ‘no-fuss’ Neo and Barker chair designs complement the functionality of the polished concrete floors and reflect the nature of this property and construction company.





What reception space do you have to work with? Reception areas aren’t typically large, so you don’t want to overwhelm the area with oversized furniture. A space that feels cluttered and restrictive, is not a welcoming space.

However, if the area is more open-plan, then you can afford to use more chunky pieces.

Also, bear in mind the design of the building itself. Is it a new build, with clean lines and floor-to-ceiling windows? Or is an older building with period features? If the furniture doesn’t look at home, your visitors won’t feel at home either.





Sofa or chairs? It all depends on how the space is used, how many people you expect to be seated in your reception area at any one time and the purpose of their visit. Is it a place solely where people sit and wait, or will you sometimes join clients for quick catch-ups.

For instance, a sofa would not be appropriate for a busy doctor’s waiting room, where people are unlikely to want to cosy up next to others.

But in another setting, a sofa can be luxuriously inviting. Like an interior design studio where you want to showcase your flair for design the minute people walk through the door. In this case, you would steer away from corporate pieces and lean more towards something you would find in a home, like the Sidiz Artemis.





By ‘accessories’, we mean all the added extras, over and above a place to sit. Indoor plants, magazines, a water cooler, a cheeky jar of lollies … these all contribute to making your clients feel valued and appreciated.

Will you be offering people refreshments while they wait? If so, they will need somewhere to put their cup. Does the space allow for a seperate coffee table or will an integrated system suit better? 

Our Lapse modular seating allows endless configurations, with a range of seating, side units and connectivity accessories that can be combined to adapt to individual spaces.



We’ve only scraped the surface, but if we’ve whet your appetite for reception furniture and want to see our full range, pull up a comfy chair and visit the Soft Seating page on our website.

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