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Keynius Locker System

Lead Time: 4-12 weeks

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Unlock a thousand opportunities.

Keynius innovative software provides you with a distinctive locker system for every situation, application, and environment. Safe storage of personal belongings, dispensing of products, sale of products, lending or renting company resources, distributing packages… it’s a breeze with the unique Keynius locker management software, which is easy to manage and use via smartphone app or online.

Smart Locker walls – For storage, key product & asset management, drop off/pickup, dispense, vending & rental, and event lockers.


•  A simple, plug-and-play smart locker system.
•  Lockers can be individually set up in any specific user mode.
•  Powerful, innovative, cloud-based smart locker software which is easy to operate
•  Easily connects with any 3rd party smart building app or user management solution through standard API (commonly used software) or tailor-made API
•  No need to invest in software or hardware; subscription-based.
•  No server management or maintenance costs
•  Software is always updated to the latest version
•  European design hardware; standard 2-year warranty (extension possible)
•  Ultra-safe (ISO 27001 / PEN test/safety standards Microsoft Azure)



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Keynius Hardware
Unique electronic Locks, Smarty, RFID options

Keynius Software
Smartphone app, Smarty, Portal, Online, 3rd party software integration

Authentication options
Mobile app, PIN code, Bar code, QR code, Fingerprint, RFID Tag, Face ID

Lead Time:
4-12 weeks

System Hardware

System Software

Authentication Options

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Available for Desktop, Tablet, Phone, & Smart Watch

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