Lead Time: 1-12 weeks

• Contemporary locker furniture for the workplace
• High-quality & durable materials
• High security/privacy.
• Endless look and feel options
• Available in a huge range of finishes and various low and high-tech locking strategies, they are highly suited to both traditional and agile working styles.



• Range of Steel or Melteca lockers available
• Multiple locking options: keypad, key, combination, and a range of wireless solutions including RFID cards, and key fobs.
• Surface-mounted or recessed locks
• Mail slot option
• Personal or shared access
• Option for administrator access to usage statistics

Lead Time: 1-12 weeks

1. Melteca with key locks.

2. Melteca with key locks & mail slots

3. Steel with combination locks and mail slots




7. Melteca with combination locks

8. Melteca with Keypad locks

9. Melteca with combination locks

10. Melteca with keypad locks

11. Melteca with combination locks

12. Melteca with key locks

13. Steel flush-front with twist handles (non-locking)

14. Steel flush-front with keypad locks

15. Steel flush-front with twist handles (non-locking)



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