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Hush Twin

Lead Time: 1-4 weeks
Indent Options: 12+ weeks

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Two independent spaces enclosed in one pod.
HushTwin is made by two conjoined pods, each with their own sofa, desk, lighting, and ventilation. It’s larger than hush Phone but smaller than hushWork; both ‘halves’ provide the essential amount of space to work — no more, no less. For teams who need multiple private work areas in their small office, Hush Twin delivers in its efficient use of space.

Hush Twin is a perfect place for:
•  Private video conferences
•  Creative work
•  Confidential phone conversations
•  Work requiring concentration

Why is the Hush Twin a unique office solution?
•  Mobility: You can move the pod without disassembly.
•  Acoustics: The upholstery and double glazed door with acoustic film effectively absorbs sound.
•  Dimensions: occupies less than 2 square meters, which makes Hush Twin easy adaptable to almost any office space.
•  Facilities: Hush Twin is an independent space powered by electricity, providing comfortable conditions while you work.


Indicative price range


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$28,000 $37,000


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•  European manufactured from low VOC materials for optimal indoor air quality
•  Led ceiling lighting with dimmer activated by motion sensor
•  Efficient six-fan ventilation system with adjustable delay and airflow activated by motion sensor
•  Triple-layer laminated acoustic glass with acoustic door seals
•  Anti-collision door graphics
•  Acoustic lined fabric panels
•  Integral carpeted floor with levelling feet
•  Easy to move around the office without disassembly
•  Power module per booth (Power + USB + RJ45)
•  Simple plug and play with power lead
•  Integrated upholstered seating and desktops
•  Roof grommet for sprinkler fitment if required for building code compliance
•  580kg

Dimensions (mm):
Hush Twin holds up to two people
2150w x 900d x 2300h

Standard Finishes:
Exterior: Anthracite or White
Interior: Grey wool fabric (TPC or TSI colourway – see colour swatches on spec sheet)
Middle column: Anthracite, Silver or White

Indent Options:
Interior: 55 fabric colour options – see colour swatches on spec sheet

Warranty: 5 Years

Made In: Poland

Lead Time:
Standard Finishes: 1-4 weeks
Indent Options: 12+ weeks

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