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Hush Hybrid

Lead Time: Standard Finishes: 1-4 weeks
Indent Options: 12+ weeks

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For better video conferences and Hybrid work.
Hush Hybrid was designed to meet the current expectations of effective work models. It is a mobile solution with built-in soft seating and provides a comfortable space for solo work, especially video conferences. The interior boasts side-screen LED facial lighting, and the interior table can also be extended towards the user to create their own comfortable workspace.

Hush Hybrid is a perfect place for:
•  Private video conferences
•  Webinars, both as a speaker and participant
•  Focused work that required concentration

Why is the Hush Hybrid a unique office solution?
•  Compact: Hush Hybrid is a solution for optimal space management – the small dimensions and weight allow it to be set or adjusted to the current needs of any organisation.
•  Comfortable to use: Hush Hybrid provides an unrivalled user experience thanks to features including quality soft seating, motion sensor activated lighting & ventilation, internal LED lighting, and a space for an AIO computer.
•  Adapted to current needs: It is the best solution for remote working, and audio/video conferencing.
•  Agile: Hush Hybrid is equipped with castors which allows you to move it around the office whenever you need.


Indicative price range


This shows the expected range of prices, depending on the quantity and level of spec & finish. It is intended only as a guide, not a replacement for a quote.

$17,000 $22,000


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Dimensions (mm):
Hush Hybrid holds one person
1244w x 900d x 2230h

Standard Finishes:
Exterior: White (ABB) or Cosmos Grey (ACG)
Side Blend: Cosmos Grey (ACG)
Interior: Upholstery wool (TPC or TSI colourway – see colour swatches on spec sheet)

Indent Options:
Interior: 40 fabric colour options – see colour swatches on spec sheet

Warranty: 5 Years

Made In: Poland

Lead Time:
Standard Finishes: 1-4 weeks
Indent Options: 12+ weeks

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