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Lead Time: 12+weeks

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Hush Meet L is a true alternative to traditional conference rooms. The modular design of Hush Meet L includes a selection of models to harmonize perfectly with your office space. No construction work. No renovation required. Each module is a room-in-a-box that is perfect for longer or more formal meetings.

Hush Meet L is a perfect place for:
•  Highly private meetings
•  Formal meetings

Why is the Hush Work a unique office solution?
•  Facilities: Hush Meet L is an independent space powered by electricity, providing comfortable conditions during the meeting.
•  Modular Design: Each Hush Meet L can be expanded with additional modules.
•  Mobility: Each modular box can be relocated after partial disassembly.
•  Sound Performance: Sound-proofing glass panels and upholstery effectively suppress sounds from the inside and outside.


Indicative price range


This shows the expected range of prices, depending on the quantity and level of spec & finish. It is intended only as a guide, not a replacement for a quote.

$28,000 $70,000


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•  European manufactured from low VOC materials for optimal indoor air quality
•  Led ceiling lighting with dimmer activated by motion sensor
•  Efficient ventilation system (4 fans per module) with adjustable delay and airflow activated by motion sensor
•  Triple-layer laminated acoustic glass with acoustic door seals
•  Anti-collision door graphics
•  Acoustic lined fabric panels
•  Integral carpeted floor with levelling feet
•  Mobile design facilitates relocation with only some disassembly required
•  Power module (double power, 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A, 2x RJ45)
•  Simple plug and play with single 3.6m power lead
•  Option to hang a TV screen on the central panel
•  Fits 4, 6 or 8 chairs (depending on the number of modules)

Dimensions (mm):
2 Modules (comfortably fits 4 people):
2600w x 1800d x 2300h
3 Modules (comfortably fits 6 people):
2600w x 2700d x 2300h
4 Modules (comfortably fits 8 people):
2600w x 3600d x 2300h

Exterior: Anthracite or White
Interior: 55 colour options – see colour swatches on spec sheet
Middle column: Anthracite, Silver or White

Warranty: 5 Years

Made In: Poland

Lead Time: 12+weeks

2 Modules: 2600w x 1800d x 2300h

3 Modules: 2600w x 2700d x 2300h

4 Modules: 2600w x 3600d x 2300h

4 Modules: 2600w x 3600d x 2300h

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