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Flo Plus Monitor Arm

Lead Time: 1-4 weeks

With a maximum screen weight limit of up to 18kg, Flo Plus is the most environmentally-friendly and reliable

product of its type. Unlike most rival arms in its class, Flo Plus is able to use spring technology (as opposed to a gas strut that fails after an average of five years of use and is environmentally unfriendly). The use of adjustable spring technology also ensures that the heavier screen can be perfectly balanced.

The Flo Plus single is a heavy-duty version of the award-winning Flo monitor arm and offers smooth, intuitive adjustment of monitors or all-in-one computers ranging from 8.5 to 15 kg.

Robustly engineered like Flo Plus Single, Flo Plus Dual uses a crossbar design with a handle to allow smooth, intuitive, and precise adjustments of two screens (ranging from 3 to 9 kg each) moving in tandem.


  • Combines high-load support with dynamic adjustability
  • Can easily expand to single and dual screen configurations.
  • Smooth, dynamic movement through its patented Flo spring Technology
  • Visual indicator gauge for easy replication of weight setting when installing multiple arms
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Monitor head: VESA 75 and 100 compliant
  • 180° stop function / 360° Capability
  • Recycled Content: 58%
  • Total Product Recyclable: 100%



•  60% recycled material
•  100% recyclable


Vertical Range: 330
Horizontal Range: 587

Screen Weight Range: 3-9kg

Finishes: White

Lifetime Warranty
ISO 9001

Lead Time: 1-4 weeks

Single Arm, White

Dual Bar, White

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