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Today we say so long farewell, to small-sized bubbles. It’s time to don the suit and head back to work!

It seems like just a few days ago we sent an email that included a myriad of pics, tips and hacks to help you work remotely during a nationwide lockdown. LOCKDOWN! What a big, forceful word that was. But in hindsight was it really that bad? – Or did the 4 or 5 weeks of stay-home-stay-safe just make you realise how great Maccas tastes, how long-suffering your kid’s teachers are, and… wait for it… how comfy your task chair back at the office really is?!

Whether you remember April 2020 as ‘the 4 weeks I spent on home detention’ or ‘a perfectly timed global reset’ there are many things that it taught us and we all survived to tell the tale. To get through the next little while we have cut costs ourselves where possible and, with a sigh of relief, we have not had to let go of any of our wonderful team players. They are the most valuable assets that we have, and as a family we will do all we can to keep them employed. So that’s our good news! – if you pop into our Hamilton showroom, (open from 8 am Thursday 14th May), send an email, or pick up the phone to make that call, rest assured that you will still get your old time favourite when you reach out to Crestline!

If you are needing to re-shuffle your office layout to meet the requirements of L2 workspaces you might be interested to read our short and to-the-point office set-up guide. There are so many articles out there stating what you should and should not do and, what will and won’t work, that we actually got confused ourselves! So all said, read and done, we picked out the points that really matter, and noted them for you here in an easy-to-read Level2 office set-up guide.

Once you’ve got your office sorted let’s head to the other side of the world. We recently checked in with Michael Setter of Setter Architects in Israel. His design studio caught our eye when it won the Gold A’Design Award in Como, Italy for the design of the 13,000sqm Noble Energy Offices in Israel. Credits to the great photography by Amit Gosher, we fail to find the right words to describe this outstanding project so you are best to check it out for yourself here.

While in Israel, we want to shine a light on their Healthcare Industry. With a Covid19 fatality rate of 1.6% and a recovery rate of 72.3%, Israel could teach the rest of the world a thing or two about how to set-up and manage a first-class pandemic response system.

In 2019 Setter Architects also successfully completed office fit-outs for two of Israels leading Healthcare companies. With the designer’s permission, we have pleasure in sharing some images of both these projects with you. – Thank you Michael Setter – More project details and pictures can be viewed here on the Setter Architects website.

Setter Architects was tasked with the design of the Maccabi Healthcare offices, located in Haifa, Israel. Maccabi is renowned as one of the strongest and most influential institutions in Israel’s healthcare system. The Interior Architecture of Maccabis workspace is revolutionary – see pics below.

Setter Architects were also engaged in the design and production of the nature-inspired offices of CollPlant, a medical company based in Rehovot, Israel. CollPlant is a regenerative and aesthetic medicine company developing innovative technologies and products. The designers drew inspiration from the company’s content world. The design was inspired by links between people and nature, the organic structures of plants, and leaf veins – with a play on textures, and a transition from micro to macro.

For some more quality design we are pleased to say that our Escalas soft seating range has arrived from Spain. Now set up and looking classy in our showrooms, Escalas is a flexible, elegant and cosy modular sofa collection that originated from the combination of different upholstered elements and accessories with sleek horizontal platforms of aluminium profile.
The result is a highly customizable collection of sofas that stands out for its visual lightness, refined shapes and timeless design. View Escalas, its unique features and specifications here.

Earlier this year we launched HushOffice. The world-class Polish-made acoustic booths that boast a combination of design and ergonomics!  The HushOffice range exhibits multiple features and we think they are the ultimate when it comes to acoustic pods and booths. Crestline is pleased to be a preferred promoter and approved distributor of the Hush acoustic pods in New Zealand and what’s more… our first shipment of stock has landed!


We can all work together to make the health of our employees, their families, and the wider community our number one priority. It comes down to each one of us doing our bit to help NZ stay clean and virus free and as employers, we are ultimately responsible for our employees’ wellbeing and safety. The workplace is where we need to make human distancing achievable and all work areas need to have easily accessible sanitising zones.

But who wants to work in a box? And who has time to be refilling 500ml pump bottles multiple times each day?

Our latest blog article gives you tips on the most cost-effective and user-friendly ways to distance people working at desks and the latest addition to our product line takes the hassle (and wasted time) out of re-filling sanitiser stations. Check out our team’s lockdown product design and manufacturing project! Designed and made by Crestline, we are seriously pumped up about our new Vivotec Portable Hand Sanitiser Station!

If you do not want to take any chances with germs in your workplace, the other option we have is the zero-touch, zero-contamination Shield Sanitiser Station. This sleek stainless-steel sanitiser dispenser is fully mechanical and works by pedal command to avoid hand contamination. It does not require installation and is stable as an independent stand, is vandal-proof, very robust and can be fixed to the ground. Ideal for public spaces.

Well! That was a lot of content to digest! There’s more to come though 😉

With a big grin on our faces, we would like to take this opportunity to et you in on something… We have another game-changing workplace announcement and exciting news to share with you next week. This will be done via email followed with updates on social media. Subscribe and follow us, the leaders of the pack for developments in workplace thinking, health, safety, ergonomics, and design – now there’s some whopping big clues right there!

But today we say, farewell lockdown and hello again to the new kind of normal.

Take care, stay safe, be positive,

From the team here at Crestline.


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