Your Post Covid-19 Office Set-up Guide

Your Post Covid-19 Office Set-Up Guide.

What should a safe work environment look like now?

Pro-active employers all over our country are currently working on plans and swiftly making changes to their workspaces so that their employees have a safe place to return to.

We have read many articles by many different professionals relating to this topic so we picked out the points that matter, the worthwhile changes that will make a difference and noted them for you below in an easy-to-read Level2 office set-up guide.

We found that the most valuable sources of information came from the NZ Government and the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Our Government has provided helpful advice regarding the precautions that workplaces and businesses should take at Alert Level 2: NZ-GOVT-Workplaces-and-businesses, and more information can be found on the NZ-MBIE-COVID19 page.


All said, read and done, the simplest way to reduce the risk of infection in offices is by adding to, or reconfiguring existing office workstations.

The focus of this should be to:

1. Introduce impervious barriers between workers, where it is not reasonably practicable for your business to implement the 2-metre distance.
2. Space workers apart where possible to achieve the government standard 1-metre distancing
3. Provide easy access to sanitization products such as hand sanitizer.


Also, it’s just as important to make sure that your workspace is easy to clean and disinfect daily.


Some ideas for achieving this are:

1. Adding partitions manufactured in easy-to-clean Melamine or Perspex, between work points and at the ends of desking runs.
2. Adding extensions to the top of existing partitions to make them at least 1500mmH above the floor.
3. Include sanitisation stations at office entrances and near work points. The following infographics demonstrate how this can be achieved with a variety of common workstation layouts.

To introduce low-cost and effective social distancing and hygiene in your office space, we suggest you separate side-by-side employees and walkway areas/desking zones using Melamine front and side screens

If your existing desk setting looks like this:

Fixed Height desk pods with low screens

the modifications below will create an environment more resistant to the spread of infection.

If your existing desk setting looks like this:

Height adjustable desk pods with low screens…

the modifications below will create an environment more resistant to the spread of infection.

The Safer Solution…

Add Perspex screen extensions to existing partitions, Perspex side screens to separate between team members, and Melamine freestanding screens.


Our team of professionals are ready and willing to help answer your office layout questions and come up with sanitising solutions to get you back into the office and working in a safe environment.

Please check out our two new Hand Sanitising stations below:


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