Make your workspace work for everyone

Extroverts vs Introverts. Wallflowers vs Energisers. Baby Boomers vs Millennials. Whatever labels you put on it, every workplace comes with a range of different work personalities and styles.

In short, the way we work best differs from person to person, day to day and sometimes even hour to hour!

What’s more, an intergenerational mix of workers comes with varying expectations of what the ‘perfect’ office environment looks like. If you’re ‘old school’ you might value quiet, privacy and high quality meeting rooms, while younger generations are programmed to seek a more engaging workplace.


Quiet spaces


Even the loudest extrovert needs a little shush from time to time. Research shows that people in open plan offices take more sick leave, and are more stressed and less productive.

A growing awareness around the need for privacy within the office environment has seen an increasing number of businesses using acoustic pods to create quiet spaces for more concentrated work. 

There is a range of products on the market, with varying design and acoustic properties – some partially open and some fully enclosed.

But we think the Hush Work is the ultimate when it comes to creating a dedicated space for focus work, phone calls or video conferencing. It’s super quiet and comfortable, while still being inclusive (you can’t hear your co-workers but you can still see them).

What’s more, Crestline is one of only three office furniture suppliers to promote and distribute Hush acoustic pods in New Zealand.

Here are just some of the Hush Work’s features:

– It can easily be moved

– The upholstery and double-glazed door with acoustic film absorb sound

– It is compact i.e.less than 2sqm

– It is an independent space, powered by electricity

– Can include a patented sit-stand desk design

Providing the optimal environment for each and every staff member can seem like an impossible task, but with the evolution of office furniture it’s not only possible, it’s easier than you might think.

Smart office design can turn an open plan environment into a space where everyone can find their niche and perform at their best, ultimately increasing productivity.



Dynamic spaces


While some people like to sit quietly in the corner and get their work done, others literally think on their feet.

Kinesthetic learners take on board information by throwing their body, as well as their mind, into the task at hand. Remember that fidgety kid at school who couldn’t sit still? Perhaps you have one in the office?

Sit-stand desks are not only good for your physical health, they can help jump-start your brain as well. 

Our Activ sit-stand desks are instantly adjustable, going from the lowest to the highest position in just 0.9 seconds! Perfect for high-energy people who like to constantly change things up.

The unique counterbalance gas-spring mechanism allows you to simply release the safety lock with one hand, to weightlessly glide the desk up or down. Which means users can change the height of their desks multiple times a day, with ease.

– Easy to use (no slow, cumbersome crank handles)

– Economical to operate (no electric motors) 

– Minimal maintenance

– Surprisingly well-priced compared to electric systems

– High-quality German engineering



Collaborative spaces


While open plan offices don’t work for everyone, there are those who thrive in them. Some people crave to be around others, and are actually more productive when they have people around them to bounce ideas off.

Shared, social areas where people can come together foster both creativity and collaboration.

Using furniture that is more ‘home’ than office creates a relaxed environment where ideas flow more freely. If this conjures up images of the ‘Millennial beanbag’, think again! There is a range of furniture that bridges the gap between home and office.

Like the Colosseum modular furniture system, which can accommodate larger groups in a semi-private setting. Designed for collaboration or learning, it can be organised around a focal point, such as a screen, table or presenter.

Features include:

– Generous and flexible

– Ergonomic

– Work tables can be added

– High quality materials and premium upholstery

– Sturdy frame and commercial grade foam



Meeting spaces


Just as individuals need their own space, so too do meetings. Meeting participants don’t want to be distracted by colleagues in the background telling each other what they got up to at the weekend and, conversely, noisy meetings can distract the people around them.

Separate meeting rooms are becoming a luxury in the modern workspace. But there are some innovative solutions available without the need for full-scale office renovation.

Remember the Hush Work pod above? Well, there’s one for meetings too – the Hush Meet

The modular design includes a selection of models to harmonise perfectly with any office space. Each module is a ‘room-in-a-box’, with all the functionality of traditional conference rooms, and is especially useful for confidential and formal meetings.

– Independent space powered by electricity

– Can be expanded with additional modules

– Relocatable

– Soundproofed glass panels and upholstery to suppress sounds from the inside and outside

So, before you start ripping down – or building – walls, check out our extensive range to see how you can use furniture to create a comfortable and productive work environment for everyone.


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