Collaborate workstations and acoustic pods by PLN Group

Furniture as architecture

In the continual evolution of office furniture, a trend is steadily emerging. Furniture as architecture.

Pieces and systems that have the ability to transform a space for a specific need, and then transform again when those needs change.

Makes sense.

Great workspaces are ones that provide spaces that enable employees to be at their most productive. Whether they’re working collaboratively, focusing on their own tasks, or taking some time out to contemplate.

Workplaces that can easily adapt on the fly, can adapt to the changing needs of their inhabitants – today, next week, or next year.

We’re excited to introduce the latest additions to our range which align with the furniture as architecture trend. These pieces can transform a space with their aesthetic and function. Purposeful designs that fit perfectly with ABW practice and today’s fluid spaces. Freestanding, modular and reconfigurable furniture that can ‘pop-up’ in the office where you need it.




Pods allow users the chance for some visual and auditory privacy without the need for a meeting room. They only take up a small amount of floor space and can be moved around the office as needed. The best examples incorporate noise dampening treatments to further insulate users from noisy distractions. Easily installed and relocated, pods are ideal for the agile workspace.

Introducing our latest pods, designed and manufactured right here in NZ by our friends at PLN Group.

Scrum Engage is a collaboration space for up to four people that allows for meetings without a meeting room.

Scrum Touch provides a place to touch down for a quick meeting in a space that promotes focus and concentration. The walls are upholstered for increased sound absorption. Both Engage and Touch include an integrated table, with the provision to incorporate a monitor mount plus integrated power supply.

Scrum Isolate is a semi-private space to focus and reflect in comfort in open areas between “scrums.” The high, wrap-around sides provide a level of visual and acoustic privacy.

While Scrum Couch offers an informal space to consult or reflect in comfort.

Return Focus Pod is a destination touch-down point which offers privacy for individual focused work. The soft, upholstered walls absorb noise common in today’s open-plan office and provide shelter from both visual and acoustic distractions.

The Share Pod provides a space within the office with acoustic and visual privacy for semi-private meetings. The inclusion of nanofibre in this pod gives it a high level of acoustic performance – shielding the user from noise.




Arenas can accommodate larger groups in a semi-private setting. Think of them as an arena for collaboration and learning. Traditionally gatherings like this would have occurred in stuffy meeting rooms that either stood idle and unused for most of the day or were continually booked.

Colosseum is perfect for larger-scale collaborations. One setting can be designed to seat up to 18 people for presentations, group social gatherings or semi-private meetings. The flexible system allows users to move modular pieces into a variety of configurations with relative ease.




Modular lounge systems are perfect for both public and office spaces. Creating welcoming waiting, contemplation, breakout or presentation zones. Spaces in which to wait or rest, hold meetings or work in a team in a relaxed atmosphere.

With Camber you can slide and lock the individually-mastered pieces together for endless configurations that create flexibility based around concave, convex, and straight modular units. The soft curved lines blend commercial needs with residential style.

The Lapse collection has a broad range of seating modules, side units and connectivity accessories designed to allow endless configurations, transforming waiting areas into collaborative spaces for interaction. The Lapse collection has been awarded the prestigious design prize: “ADCV AWARD 2017”.




Keystone Modular is a revolution in modular furniture design. Keystone is a uniquely reconfigurable system which supports modern work practices with unparalleled acoustic properties. As its name suggests, Keystone offers you a central, foundational system which provides support for the entire office.


Good for business


By enabling people to work in ways that suit them and to work collaboratively with others, productivity is likely to increase. And furniture elements that can be easily deployed and reconfigured save time and money.

Now that’s got to be good for business.

At Crestline, we’re continually evolving our product offering to ensure it encompasses the latest developments in workplace thinking. Creating your dream workplace is easy with Crestline. Want to find out more? Give us a call on 09 257 5015 or email

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