Your office: The ultimate recruitment tool?

Good people are gold.

And never more so than today — competition is tough, technology is pervasive, and innovation and creativity are key drivers for business success.

In today’s environment, it’s the human capital that can make a business succeed or fail. So with this in mind, it makes sense that the best companies want the brightest employees working for them. They want to leverage that brainpower for the benefit of their business.

And one powerful tool to help attract and retain good people is the workspace.


The modern office space as a recruitment tool


There are many different factors that motivate employees, including pay, perks, the culture, the office location and space and the opportunity for learning and progression. Yet many organisations overlook the role of good workspace design to both ensure employee satisfaction and attract good staff.

With recruitment and retention in mind, here are 4 things to consider with your workspace.


#1. Culture trumps design


We inherently know (and many studies show) that organisational culture is a major factor in employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction. It’s often the first thing job seekers look for in a workplace, and numerous studies suggest that “cultural fit” should be the most important consideration when hiring new employees.

So it makes sense that good workspace design should reflect the culture of your business. Beyond nice decor and comfy chairs, the office space should reflect what makes your organisation tick.

Spaces that reflect your company’s culture are a showcase for what new employees can expect if/when they work for you. Whether you have a high spec office or a more modest space, if it reflects your company culture and supports the way you work then it can be a powerful recruitment tool.


#2. Millennial appeal


If you’re still on the fence about culture, look no further than the Millennials. The number one thing Millennials want to know about your company is its culture and values, according to LinkedIn’s 2016 jobs report. Young people tend to leave if those values turn out to be a bad fit. This generation simply won’t tolerate a work environment where they don’t fit in.

If you use your space to amplify your culture, you stand more chance of attracting the people who fit with your organisation and who will stay for longer.


#3. Work life integration


We’re currently seeing an evolution from work-life balance to work-life integration. Due to advances in technology and cultural and generational shifts, workdays and work locations have become more flexible. Consequently, the office space is becoming more flexible. A hub, where people come together to work together and share ideas.

Organisations focused on providing work-life integration opt for centralised locations where staff can accomplish personal errands over lunch, head to a nearby café to meet with a colleague, or hit the gym after work – all with relative ease and convenience, leading to happier and more productive employees.

Having good work-life integration is not only attractive to employees, but also represents a cost saving by lowering the large costs involved with employee turnover.


#4. Show it off


A great workspace shouldn’t be kept a secret if you’re aiming to use it to help with recruitment. So how do you show it off? One way is to host industry events in your space to give potential candidates and industry colleagues insight into what makes your space special. These guests may become future employees, or refer potential candidates.

And at the very least all candidates coming for an interview should have a tour of the premises.


A powerful tool


It’s not surprising that companies are increasingly focusing on the workspace to help with recruitment. Well-designed and thoughtful office spaces can aide in recruiting and retaining talent, promote collaboration and innovation, encourage employee health, and lead to a more engaged workforce — ultimately yielding greater productivity.


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