Why every office should have plants

Suffering from dwindling inspiration and enthusiasm at work? Mondayitis? Take a look around you, perhaps your office needs some feng shui in the vegetation department.

Because plants make people happier.

Big call, I know. But there is plenty of credible research that suggests offices with a bit of flora are much happier environments than their stark counterparts.

So regardless of whether your workspace as Instagram-worthy, minimalist and clean – or the opposite – a war zone. If it doesn’t have some greenery, you’re missing a vital ingredient.
5 Reasons to have plants in your office

1. Reduce stress

Office environments with plants have a calming effect on people which has positive effects on their psychological and physiological state.

A study conducted in 2010* found staff who had plants placed in their offices showed;
37% reduction in tension/anxiety
Dejection was reduced by 58%
Anger/hostility was reduced by 44%
Fatigue was reduced by 38%

2. Reduce noise

Let’s face it, offices can be noisy. Your chatty-Cathy co-worker doesn’t always appreciate when to be quiet. Plants absorb, reflect and muffle background noise by as much as 5 decibels, allowing for greater concentration.

3. Increase productivity

Increased focus on cognitive tasks, fewer mistakes made, tasks completed faster and at a higher level of concentration are just some of the productivity improvements attributed to our leafy friends.

4. Cleaner air

Toxins and positive ions created by paint, computers and plastics can be reduced and C02 combatted as much as 50%. Cleaner air means a reduction in dust, mould and bacteria which equals a healthier happy workplace.

5. Look stylish

Live plant walls, plant screens, designer pots, air plants, kokedama… the list goes on. Swoon-worthy plants that make a statement are where it’s at.

And did you know, indoor plants of the 70’s are making a come-back? Here are a few of our top picks.
Plants to put some pep in your step

Philodendron – Easy care with oodles of variation in the family. My fave is the Heart Leaf Philodendron which is hearty and elegant. Perfect for sitting on a bookcase or one of our Lundia shelves and cascading down.
Spider plants – newbie gardeners, this one’s for you! Spider plants tolerate a wide range of living conditions and are relatively hard to kill.
Succulents – Thick and fleshy leaves, stems or roots they’re notorious for being able to retain water in dry climates or in dry soil conditions. Forever stylish, the perfect living ornamental for your desk.
Peace Lily – the names says it all really. Perfect for eliminating pollutants, the Peace Lily will grow in low light situations and can handle being under watered.
Snake plants – large architectural leaves that divert and absorb noise. Snake plants are frontrunners when it comes to tolerating sporadic watering and low light.
Cactus – The ‘it’ plant for every urban design space. Small and robust it’s the perfect desktop companion.
Green up your workspaces
Plants are a simple addition to new or existing workspaces. Specify some greenery and the benefits will go beyond aesthetics.

The bottom (green) line – healthy workplaces need plants.

The next challenge. How to keep the plants alive!
Our mission at Crestline is to help create vibrant and effective workspaces where people love to work. Want to find out more? Give us a call on 07 855 9932 or email info@crestline.co.nz

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