The rise of the stool

Stools have been around since people have been sitting.

In fact, if you go back a few centuries, stools were the main form of seating for the masses. Only the gentry got chairs with backs.

Fast forward to today’s office spaces, and the humble stool is having a resurgence. Driven by work culture shifts towards a focus on wellbeing and more flexible work styles — the stool is firmly back in favour.



Here’s why we think stools are super


Today’s flexible workspaces require a variety of seating options. And stools — both high and low variants — provide a versatile and cost-effective solution with a whole raft of benefits.


Impromptu interactions

Stools around a table have a casual vibe. So they encourage casual, impromptu conversations. Chances for colleagues to share ideas when inspiration strikes. Whether it’s a quick chat about an issue, to work together for a while on a problem or just chew the fat. Stools enable collaboration.


As well as the casual vibe, holding meetings around a table with stools has a more temporary feel. It’s more action-oriented, and that rubs off on the meetings. Stools can keep things moving more quickly.


‘The best posture is the next posture’ and stools provide a good variation from standing or sitting at your desk.

Extra seating

Low stools are a great space-saving option for extra seating. Pull up a stool to work alongside a colleague at their desk. Easy.

Aesthetic variation

Stools allow you to mix up the look and feel of a space with height, material and form variations. From fully upholstered low cubes to high stools with backs and everything in between, there’s a stool for every spot in the office.


Stools are generally cheaper than chairs so they’re a good way to provide more seating within a budget.




There you have it. Why stools are super.

Whether you’re a fan of the stool or not, they’re likely to be on the spec sheet for your next office. The question is, are you using them as much as you should?

From the dinky BeConn Spin by Claudio Bellini, to the indoor/outdoor polypropylene Apple stool, and the simple long lines of Coco and Cruise, our extensive range has the perfect stool for every fitout.


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