Kākano Youth Arts Collective

Kākano Youth Arts Collective is a unique visual arts initiative for young artists aged between 12 and 20 years old, based at Corban Estate Arts Centre in West Auckland.

The programme provides a sanctuary for some of West Auckland’s more vulnerable rangatahi, and this Kaupapa has a massive impact on the youth in our society who are so often forgotten, dismissed or marginalised. These young people are highly capable and display raw artistic talent in each of their pieces.

To be eligible to participate in the collective, participants also had to have some interest in visual art. The belief is that if they could tap into this interest and build on it, the young people coming through would gain greater confidence and self-esteem along with developing motivation, focus, and self-discipline. In turn, this would offer them more opportunities to become more valued, appreciated, and contributing members of the community.

Crestline is working with Kākano to promote their work and provide a venue to display the art and host gallery events. This is commission-free promotion, so there is no monetary gain for Crestline.


Kākano means “seed”. The concept of He Kākano conveys growth, development, and expansion. If a seed falls in the right place, it will germinate and a new seedling will sprout.

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