Crestline launches Vivotec!


The dictionary tells us that Innovation is:
noun, in·no·va·tion – the introduction of something new; a new idea, method, or device.
What the dictionary doesn’t tell you is that innovation is the backbone of Crestline Furniture Systems.
It’s crucial for us as a family to embrace innovation – now more so than ever before.
And so, 2020 has become ‘The year of Innovation’ for us and we are excited to share with you all, a new division to Crestline – Vivotec.

Although it may appear as a slightly different trajectory from office furniture, supporting NZ businesses by creating hygienic environments for people to be in, is at the heart of why our family added the Vivotec healthcare division to our well trusted Crestline brand. We’re a close-knit team, stacked with experience and professionalism, and we’re dedicated to doing the very best for our customers. With over thirty years in business as Crestline, we don’t sit still.
We’re constantly innovating our business and are delighted to introduce the Vivotec Sanitisation system with you.


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An Introduction to Vivotec

We are now critically aware of the threat to our health from deadly viral and pathogenic organisms and are having to take protective measures that were unimaginable just a few months ago.

Expert advice indicates that this global threat to our health will continue into the foreseeable future.

We could see that infection prevention solutions were not evolving to meet the rapidly escalating situation brought about by the Coronavirus outbreak, and as a family, we wanted to do our bit to help New Zealand businesses get back on their feet and for their staff to have the reassurance that they were returning to a safe workspace.

While everyone’s focus currently is on COVID-19, it is also important to remember that this virus is only one of many infectious diseases. Every year, seasonal influenza infects one in four people, and in New Zealand accounts for over 30,000 G.P visits, 2000 hospitalisations and an estimated 500 deaths.

In many cases these infections are spread unwittingly. Around 80% of Flu cases are asymptomatic carriers who could have spread the virus among their family, co-workers, classmates and patients without ever realising it.

The annual cost to New Zealand businesses through absenteeism due to illness is immense, with Business NZ/ Southern Cross studies showing an absent employee typically costs their employer around $1000 a year.  In 2018, the average absence level of 4.7 days per employee amounted to an estimated 7.4 million workdays lost, and direct costs of absenteeism amounting to $1.79 billion.

Simple sanitising protocols involving regular disinfecting with effective broad-spectrum disinfectants have been proven to significantly reduce the risk of infection from these Flu viruses and many other infectious pathogens.

No one wants another lockdown so we launched Vivotec to keep New Zealand safe, healthy, and happy!



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