How to create some collaboration magic

“Does this encourage collaboration?”

An important question. One you should be asking of all the spaces you design.


Collaboration is gold!

Collaboration has long been linked to innovation. And I challenge you to find a business today that does not see collaboration and teamwork as a key driver for their business success.

So how can you add a little bit of collaboration magic into all your projects?

Easy. Ask the question.

Although every team and every business are different and organisational and team culture have a major impact on collaboration, the space can also help (or hinder).

So challenge your designs. Get a more in-depth view on the natural work patterns of the organisations you’re designing for. Look for ways to introduce opportunities for collaboration.

Ask the question. “Does this encourage collaboration?”

Here are a few well-proven collaboration enhancers that we’ve seen utilised in fit outs we’ve supplied for.

Make signals visible

Good line of sight makes it obvious whether someone is there and whether they’re busy or not. People are adept at responding to visual cues. This means collaboration can happen on the fly as an idea strikes and an opportunity arises.

Enable spontaneous interactions

If you have to book a meeting room for a quick chat it probably won’t happen. So spaces and furniture that provide for spontaneous interaction (whilst minimising disturbance to others) are important.

Group the right people together

This is an obvious one, but vitally important. But it’s not set and forget. Enable groupings to change over time as projects, teams, and businesses change.

Make spaces flexible

Multiple areas/spaces provide great options for people to work where and how they want. Someone may choose a quiet area for focused work, a team hub for project work, a casual area for brainstorming with colleagues. Flexible spaces that can be used in different ways to suit the work.


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