Newsletter: Blink. And just like that, March is gone!

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We’ve often wondered if working from home would ever be a good way of working… it seems like April is going to be the month to find out!

Ironically, last month we published an article about how to ‘Make your workspace work for everyone’  just as Covid19 started forcing everyone out of their offices! Doesn’t that just go to show how radically things have changed in 30 days. As a team, since lockdown kicked in on the 25th, we’ve been talking a lot about how different things are now – both in how we work and how we live. Our crew is adapting, experimenting and smiling their way through the WFH challenge.

From laptops in beer fridges to plant pot cable dumps, our intelligent team has collated a list of ways to make the most of the advantages of WFH and how they’ve turned the bugbears into wins too!

The team at Stone Design in Madrid, are avid specifiers of the Inclass furniture range into their Interior Design projects. We reached out to them for some project inspiration and an update on the COVID19 situation in their country. Spain has the world’s second-highest number of fatalities and rising unemployment. Their team has been working from home since 13th March. They kindly allowed us to share one of their interior design projects – a boutique pharmacy.

“Unfortunately, we have a very bad situation in Madrid and Spain with this virus, hopefully, things will get better soon. “De los Austrias Chemist is placed in one of the most emblematic areas of historical Madrid. It is a project in which, due to its nature and small size, even the slightest detail has been taken care of, creating an enormous sensory universe that makes the visitor enjoy a most gratifying experience.”

Whilst we are on the topic of experiences, do you remember the time when your ice cream fell out of the cone? There’s a reason why we recall that moment more so than any other ‘icecream moments.’ The fact is, our brain is built to dwell on the frustrations when things have gone wrong. As funny as it sounds, at the moment there are hundreds of WFH office workers that are hankering for their office chair!

If you’re on the ‘Missing my chair’ list, you’re not alone. It turns out that the best workplace tools are the ones that we don’t even notice – until we don’t have them. We would love to get the two of you back together, but realistically we can’t do that. Instead, we can offer a substitute that’s pretty hard to beat. The Sidiz T40. The T40 is good-looking, robust, cost-effective and always in stock.

As we battle out this pandemic, it is absolutely vital that we stay positive and inspired. Organisations like Corenet Global are busy thinking inside the box for ways of keeping their members connected during these socially distant times. They’ve been swift to come up with a new way of hosting virtual meet-ups for NZ professionals in the corporate real estate industry.

Starting this week, CoreNet NZ will now be hosting virtual meetups each Wednesday in April at 2 pm. The 30-minute facilitated sessions will be an ‘open-mic’ style to enable discussion. Click here to download the Zoom links for these upcoming chats and see notes from their events. Thank you Corenet NZ for keeping us connected!

Speaking of events… last month we set-up some of our furniture in the lounge for the Better by Design CEO Summit at Villa Maria Estate. This renowned event is organised and managed by the Jasmax Interior Design team in partnership with NZ Trade & Enterprise. Thank you Jasmax for inviting us to be involved for a third year and giving us the opportunity to play a small part to make this event a success.

Have you joined in on the Isolation chair challenge?  Spanish designer Max Enrich started the Isolation chair challenge on Instagram by creating chairs in miniature out of everyday items he found around his home. You don’t have to be a designer, everyone can join in, so head on over to the #isolationchair tag on Instagram and join in on the fun!

There is no better time than now to share some really good news!

Levi’s cancer is in remission! After such a rugged journey this is a fantastic outcome and we can hardly imagine the happiness that Matt and his family must be feeling right now. “I would just like to thanks Crestline Furniture Systems for making work do-able and to everyone that donated (to the Crestline givealittle page) and those that had us in their thoughts. It’s good to have my son and wife home and on the up and up.” – Cheers, Matt. 

Well, we think that’s a pretty awesome way to finish off our April newsletter. 

Stay positive, keep smiling, and always remember that we are here to help you.

The Crestline Team.

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