5 essentials for an awesome breakout space

Breakout spaces are very ‘in’ at the moment. But, it’s easy for them to feel cliche.

Filling breakout spaces with beanbags, foosball tables and bright colours is becoming a bit old hat.

Breakout spaces are ‘in’ for very good reasons. They give employees casual areas to collaborate and brainstorm; to hold informal meetings; to work on their own, or just to get away from their desk for a while. This ‘breakout’ is important for productivity and wellbeing. All the studies tell us so.

So what does it take to create a great breakout space? Based on the projects we see, I’ve put together 5 essential ingredients.

Let’s see if you agree.

5 essentials for a breakout space

Breakout spaces should provide multiple ways to capture ideas
One of the main things businesses want coming out of breakout spaces is ideas. How do you capture ideas? Whiteboards, walls, electronic, paper. Make it easy for individuals and teams to capture their ideas. Don’t just provide one way, provide several.

Breakout spaces should feel comfortable and be inviting
Include furniture that is different to the task seating around the office. You want to provide a break in the way people sit. A change of posture – a change of perspective. Furniture designers have had a real focus on designing furniture specifically for breakout spaces over the last few years so there are plenty of options. Shameless plug: Here at Crestline we have a great range.

Breakout spaces should be non-disruptive
Breakout spaces aren’t always in a room, so how do you keep noise and disruption to a minimum? That’s the design challenge.

Breakout spaces should have a different vibe than the rest of the office
Beyond beanbags and foosball tables, how do you give the space a different feel that the rest of the office? And what sort of vibe do you want each breakout space to have?

Breakout spaces should be multipurpose
Ideally, you want individuals and teams to be able to use the space in a way that suits what they’re doing on any particular day or time. You want the space to be multipurpose and flexible.

Sourcing the right furniture is important

If you can nail those five things then you can design an awesome breakout space. Not an easy task I know, but a worthwhile one. And fun. Breakout spaces really help define the personality of a space.

The right furniture can have a big impact on both the functionality and the look and feel of the space. And the furniture (such as booths) can even define the physical boundaries of the space.

Have you seen the great range of breakout and cafe furniture we have at Crestline? We’ve significantly broadened our range over the past year.

Our mission at Crestline is to help create vibrant and effective workspaces where people love to work. Want to find out more? Give us a call on 07 855 9932 or email info@crestline.co.nz

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