Acoustic Pods   


Designer: Crestline DesignWorks

ThinkPod is designed with your personal space in mind. It’s a cost-effective solution that allows you to create a dedicated space in which you can focus. Walls are lined with acoustic panelling to ensure you get your business done without distraction while increasing the feeling of privacy.
With the addition of a partial roof, it ensures you’re able to focus; and with the lighting above the desktop at 45° and bouncing off the rear panel, your face is perfectly lit for video conference calls every time.
Designed with a native New Zealand focus, we’ve incorporated a homely feel with textured acoustic panelling and wood-finish exterior panels, with soft curves and cut-outs to provide further texture and a unique look that breaks up the height of the panels in a subtle way.

ThinkPod a perfect place for:
•  Work requiring concentration
•  Video conferencing
•  Hot-desking

Designed and made in NZ.
Crestline registered design.


Indicative price range


This shows the expected range of prices, depending on the quantity and level of spec & finish. It is intended only as a guide, not a replacement for a quote.

$4,000 $7,000


Dimensions (mm):
1200w x 1800d x 1980h

Melteca: Vintage Ash, Classic Oak, White
Autex Panels: Savoye, Opera

5 Year Guarantee

Lead Time:
6-10 weeks

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