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Rātā Leaner

Lead Time: 4-12 weeks

Designer: Crestline DesignWorks

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Rātā; boldness refined.

When designing and manufacturing a new table and leaner range, we took inspiration from the magnificent Rātā trees that boldly adorn the coastlines and forests of Aotearoa!

The seamless leg and footrail intersection reflects the boldness and elegance of these majestic trees. Designed for commercial use, the range includes tables and leaners that will make a statement in any space.

Through our shared vision of creating innovative and sustainable NZ furniture, this new range is our response to a need for a family of tables and leaners with a sleek, refined profile that is durable and robust while still offering numerous possibilities for customisation.



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Dimensions (mm):
Standard sizes up to 2400 x 1200 rectangle and up to 1200dia round. Larger sizes available by request

Frame: Frame in any NZ powdercoat colour
Optional solid American Ash timber feet, range of stain colours available
Top: Any Melamine or timber/timber veneer

10 Year

Lead Time:
4-12 weeks

Rātā Leaner 2400x1200

Rātā Leaner 1800x900 with Timber Feet

Rātā Leaner Group

Rātā Leaner 1200Ø with Timber Feet

Rātā Leaner 900Ø

Rātā Leaner 1800x900 with Timber Feet

Rātā Multi-leg Leaner 3000x1000

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