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Humanscale MFlex

The incredibly versatile M/Flex is one of the most scalable monitor arm systems on the market. With the unique ability to support up to six monitors weighing up to 20 pounds each from a single pole, M/Flex accommodates today’s—and tomorrow’s—technology with ease.

Installation takes time and money. Featuring nesting integrated brackets, M/Flex allows monitors to be added without disturbing the existing configuration, completely streamlining the entire installation process and thereby reducing the effort and costs involved.

M/Flex’s strong and supportive structure starts with two award-winning, sustainable monitor arms—the M2™ and M8™, which both feature industry-leading cable management to hide unsightly wires. Optional 12” links for the M2 and M8 enable greater adjustability and flexibility for the user, and allow users to position three 24” monitors on each row. In addition, a Notebook Holder that accommodates laptops 9” – 14” in length can be attached to these monitor arms.

M/Flex’s modular design makes it simple to reconfigure and allows for independent adjustment of monitors when they are used separately — encouraging flexibility and collaboration at the workstation.

By easily setting monitors at an optimal distance and height, M/Flex increases usable desk space and allows the user to work in a healthy posture throughout the day.



• Polished Aluminum with White Trim
• Silver with Gray Trim
• Black with Black Trim

15 Years

Lead Time:
8-10 weeks

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