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Humanscale M2.1 Monitor Arm

Fully compatible with traditional desks and sit/stand workstations alike, M2.1 meets a variety of configuration needs for lighter monitors up to 7kg.
Current-generation monitor arms use a gas cylinder to support the weight of the monitor. The M2 instead uses an innovative mechanical spring to achieve exceptional performance and durability in a lightweight, ultra-thin design.

Ease-of-Use and Agility
With innovative features like its Compensator Mechanism and Self-Lubricating Precision Bearings, M2.1 allows users to effortlessly adjust their monitor(s) to their optimal ergonomic position while also providing top-to-bottom cable management.

Sleek, Safe Design
M2.1’s Smart Stop feature allows the user to stop each joint anywhere along its rotation to prevent monitor or arm overhand on the desk edges. In addition, a built-in Counterbalance Indicator lets the installer counterbalance the monitor weight without a monitor.

Unprecedented Flexibility
M2.1 is designed to keep desktops efficient and clutter-free now and in the future. Features include an Accessory Bracket, which supports document holders, headphone holders, whiteboards or whatever wire-shaped accessory you may require at your workspace.

Simple and Sustainable
M2.1 ships unassembled to reduce packaging size and its modular links allow users to quickly design the most productive space without additional parts – all effectively saving resources, energy and shipping costs to get from factory to office.

With no gas cylinder and fewer parts than current-generation arms, less can go wrong with the M2 over time. As a result, it’s backed by an industry-best 15-year 24/7 warranty.

• Supports the vast majority of monitors in use today (up to 20 pounds)
• Interchangeable mounting options attach to a variety of work surfaces
• Rubberized Cable Management makes it simple to run cords through a modular system for a clean, sleek and organized aesthetic.
• A patented, weight-compensating spring technology enables smooth and uniform height adjustment.
• Built-in Counterbalance Indicator provides the ability to counterbalance the monitor weight before monitor installation to reduce expensive computer setup costs.
• Patent-pending Smart Stop allows the user to customize the rotation of the arm, preventing overhang and protecting surrounding equipment, walls and panels.
• Patent-pending Quick Release Joints instantly snap together for a secure and robust fit, simplifying installation. Only one tool is required, and it’s neatly concealed inside the arm base.
• Optional 12” links provide greater adjustability and flexibility
• Can be configured to hold up to three monitors.
• Optional Notebook Holder accommodates laptops 9” – 14” in length
• May contribute to a number of LEED credits
• Weight: 5.7 pounds


Indicative price range


This shows the expected range of prices, depending on the quantity and level of spec & finish. It is intended only as a guide, not a replacement for a quote.

$300 $400


•  31% Recycled content
•  100% Recyclable
•  ANSI/BIFMA e3-2019 Furniture Sustainability Standard
•  SCS Indoor Advantage Gold


Dimensions (mm):
Arm Reach: 508
Height Adjustment Range: 254

Made primarily of steel and aluminum
• Polished Aluminum with White Trim
• Silver with Grey Trim
• Black with Black Trim

ISO 9001
15 Year Warranty

Lead Time:
2 weeks
Large Project Quantity: 8-10 weeks

Single Arms: Polished Aluminium with White Trim, Silver with Grey Trim, Black with Black Trim

Single Arm: Polished Aluminium with White Trim

Detail: Silver with Gray Trim

Dual Arm: Polished Aluminium with White Trim

Dual Arm: Black with Black Trim

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