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Lead Time: 4-12 weeks

Businesses are changing faster than ever before and modern offices need to be able to scale fast; yet fitouts are expensive, time-consuming and often disruptive.

Introducing the Forum.
Forum is a nimble solution that helps you upgrade your space on your own terms, faster than the traditional way.

The Forum meeting pod has been designed to provide a semi-enclosed meeting and collaboration space within the general office environment.
The design aesthetic is representative of a movable box – a container. Construction essentially comprises a box frame structure with either glazed or solid infill panels and a baffle panel open ceiling with integrated lighting.

Designed and made in New Zealand

It’s as easy as plugging into a single point of your existing electrical system (just like installing a new light fitting).

Make it yours! Customize finishes and fixtures to suit your needs.

Gather round, nut it out, make it happen or just shoot the breeze.



Indicative price range


This shows the expected range of prices, depending on the quantity and level of spec & finish. It is intended only as a guide, not a replacement for a quote.

$30,000 $70,000


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Forum has been designed around a basic meeting space requirement for 4-6 people. Whilst the design allows ultimate flexibility, it is offered initially in a select range of layout options:

Bounce Ideas: 3 solid sides + 2 glass wing walls
Closed Brief: 3 solid sides + 1 glass side
Open Brief: 2 solid sides + 2 glass sides
Open Brief + Lounge: 2 solid sides + 2 glass sides + 2 solid wing walls
Open Brief + Breakout: 3 solid sides + 2 glass sides + 2 solid wing walls

Dimensions (mm):
Bounce Ideas: 2050d x 2250w
Closed Brief: 3000d x 3600w
Open Brief: 3000d x 3600w
Open Brief + Lounge: 3000d x 4760w
Open Brief + Breakout: 3000d x 7075w

Aluminium & steel powdercoated in ‘Electric Cow’ (charcoal)
Walls in toughened glass or Autex

Indent Options:
Custom sizes, configurations & wall materials

10 years

Made In:
New Zealand

Lead Time: 4-12 weeks

Bounce Ideas

Bounce Ideas

Closed Brief

Open Brief

Open Brief + Lounge

Open Brief + Lounge

Open Brief + Breakout

Open Brief + Breakout

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