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Lead Time: 4-12 weeks

Designed and Made in New Zealand by PLN Group.

The tranquil backdrop to your busy office.
Support employee wellbeing and productivity by creating tranquil workspaces where your team can work without stress and distraction. Backdrop is an acoustic screen family designed to reduce distraction from noise, decrease visual interruption and improve wellbeing through natural biophilic design principles. Use Backdrop to create private zones for focus work in an open-plan office or to form spaces where groups can collaborate without disturbing others.

Backdrop is a collection of free-standing acoustic screens which incorporate world-leading PhonixTM nanofibre to reduce noise. Inspired by the landforms and native flora of New Zealand, Backdrop is available in two design families, Peak and Leaf, in a range of shapes, lengths, and heights.
Easy to move and manoeuvre.


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Thickness: 24mm

North Island: 4620L x 1700H
South Island: 7410Lx 1700H
Stewart Island: 2730L x 1450H
Rahotu: 1630L x 1450H
Taranaki: 3450L x 1450H

Karaka: 1120L x 1700H
Kawakawa: 1770L x 1700H
Pohutukawa: 570L x 1030H

Forestry, Atmosphere, Stone

Made In:
New Zealand

5 Years

Lead Time:
4-12 weeks

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