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Apollo Monitor Arms

The Apollo Monitor Arm combines a simple yet flexible design with high quality materials to create a monitor arm that will meet your every need and stand the test of time.


– Easily add more monitor arms for a second screen or laptops.
– The pole design with 4 slots allows for up to 4 monitor accessory arms to be added.
– Handle loads of up to 12kg with a maximum 25kg for the pole.
– 145 degree vertical monitor tilt and 180 degree horizontal rotation and pivot.
– 335mm height adjustment giving flexibility to suit all users.
– Adjustable grommet or split clamp mounting options
– Recyclable content: 99% (based on weight)



Screen Options:
Single, Dual, Triple, Laptop Tray

Dimensions (mm):
Pole Length: 400
Height adjustment: 335
Horizontal Adjustment: 474

Tilt Range:
145° vertical monitor tilt
180° horizontal rotation & pivot

Weight Limit:
12kg per arm, 25kg per pole

White, Silver or Black powdercoat
Die-cast / powder coated zinc, aluminium alloy and steel components

5 years

Double Configuration

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