How green is your office?

The health benefits of spending time in nature are becoming more and more widely documented.

But, with busy working lives, sometimes getting our daily ‘nature fix’ can be hard.

The solution? If you can’t get outside to enjoy nature, bring nature inside.

A ‘green’ office comes with its own health benefits – both physical and mental. Studies have shown that office plants can lower stress, increase productivity and creativity, improve air quality, reduce noise and generally contribute to a happier, more harmonious workplace. 

But how many plants is too many? If you need to hack a path to your desk with a scythe, that’s probably too many.

Getting the balance of office plants right is important if you want to reap the benefits. Too many and you’re going to create a cluttered environment. Too few and they’re going to be as ineffective as the token gesture that they are. One sad, lonely cactus sitting in the corner does not a green office make.

You also need to consider how easy they will be to care for. And who will be responsible for looking after them. Having 100-odd plants to water on a daily basis is going to impede rather than improve productivity.


Ho, ho, grow


Our Acoustic Reindeer Moss is an exciting, low-maintenance solution to greening up office environments (and aptly named as we head into the festive season). 



Handpicked from the forest and mountain areas of northern Scandinavia, it is 100% natural and, once installed, requires very little attention. It doesn’t need watering or pruning – it doesn’t even need direct sunlight.

The way it works is that it dries out when relative humidity falls below 40% and becomes soft again above 40%.



It’s air-purifying, sound-absorbing, fire resistant, hypoallergenic and comes in 15 different colours. 

And now it’s available in 5x5cm ‘pixels’ for maximum flexibility to create unique shapes and designs. 



And in case you’re wondering… no reindeer were harmed in the process. The moss is carefully hand-picked and certified and approved by the ISO 14001 environmental standard.



Planter or cupboard? It’s both!


Another creative approach to office greenery is storage planters –  cupboards that double as planter boxes, like our Sliding Door Cupboard and Tambour Cupboard.

These come with a planter box system that attaches to the top of the cupboard, keeping plants, soil and water contained. So there’s no danger of spills leaking onto important documents during watering!



The Tambour is a metal cupboard, available in a range of sizes and configurations. Finished in Silver Comet or White Satin powder coat, it can be customised with indent options in Black, Deep Sea, Dune, Flame Red, High Voltage, Midnight Blue, Oyster Grey, Rivergum Green and Silver Grey, to fit any office aesthetic.



At the Livestock Improvement Corporation, Tambour cupboards are used to define spaces and create privacy. The plants add extra height, without being imposing.



The Sliding Door Cupboard features perforated doors for a lighter look, and is available in black and white, with the option of a timber-look carcass.



Here, in the Cathay Pacific Head Office, this two-tone Sliding Door Cupboard blends seamlessly with the Scandanavian aesthetic, and looks more chic than storage.



With beautiful options like these, you can put away your macrame pot plant hangers and streamline your office environment into a space that is clean, green, uncluttered and pleasing to the eye, without compromising on functionality.

So on those days when you can’t escape to the great outdoors to hug a tree, you can still hug a plant.

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