Everything you need to know about Reindeer Moss

Reindeer Moss gets its name from the fact that it’s a major food source for Reindeer.

Sounds exotic doesn’t it?

That’s because it is. Hand-picked from the forest and mountain areas of Scandinavia, the moss is stabilised using various salts and made into panels for use in interior fit outs.

Don’t worry we’re not depriving the Reindeer of their food. The picking method allows for the Reindeer Moss to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. It’s even certified by Environmental Management System Standard 14001 & Quality Standard ISO 9001.

Reindeer Moss provides excellent sound absorption and also has air purification qualities which makes it the perfect product for public and office environments. Not to mention the fact that it looks super cool.

Curious to know more?


Reindeer Moss in its natural Scandinavian habitat

Reindeer Moss FAQs

Is the Reindeer Moss alive?

No, the Reindeer Moss is stabilised using various salts, which makes it fire-resistant, durable and maintenance-free. Reindeer Moss panels are certified by ISO 11925-2 for interior use with a Class A material rating (ASTM-E 84).

What are the main benefits of Reindeer Moss?

High class sound absorber

Reindeer Moss is so good at absorbing sound it can absorb up to twice as much as the industry average for products of same size and thickness.

Air purifying

Although it’s not alive the moss is a natural product that absorbs moisture. Through a constant cycle of absorption and release of ambient moisture, airborne particles are removed.

Natural humidity indicator

Reindeer Moss dries when the relative humidity falls below 40%, and returns soft again above 40%. It has no roots and absorbs water through the air.

Aesthetic wow factor

This is a product that looks and feels amazing. The moss panels are available in many shapes and sizes, with a range of 27 different colours. Use them to create green walls (that don’t need watering), colourful installations, or subtle backdrops.

How long does Reindeer Moss last?

At a relative humidity of 40% to 80% and kept out of direct sunlight, Reindeer Moss will remain looking the same and feeling soft almost indefinitely.

Does Reindeer Moss require regular maintenance?

The Reindeer Moss does not require any sunlight, watering or pruning. Once installed, it doesn’t need any maintenance and remains intact in interiors within normal humidity conditions. Due to its hygroscopic properties, Reindeer Moss typically does not require any dusting. If vacuuming is however required, we recommend a low suction setting and/or using an extension brush.

Can Reindeer Moss be used outside?

No it’s an indoor product only. We do not recommend exposing the Reindeer Moss to direct sunlight or rain.

We’re really excited about Reindeer Moss

This is a product that we are really excited about because of its sound absorption and air purification qualities and the many ways you can use the product throughout a fit out. The only limit is your imagination!

You can find more info on Reindeer Moss on our website. Or give us a call to talk about your specific requirements or questions.


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