Andreas Ostwald

Andreas Ostwald was born in Germany in 1964. After an apprenticeship as a ceramic modeller and having studied Industrial Design in Kiel, in 1996 he started up his own business, giving life to Ostwalddesign studio. From 1996 to 2006 he taught design at the “Muthesius Hochschule” of Kiel, and since 2005 he is professor at the HFK University of Bremen. In his of product and interior design research, Ostwald is always looking for complete uniqueness, leading to the creation of exclusive products and spaces. Core of his philosophy is the ambition for aesthetic perfection, attainable only through absolute proportions. To Ostwald, an appealing design must be in harmonious relationship not only with its details, but also with the environment: to design products being respectful of man and the environment means researching innovative interaction with the new technological and physical possibilities.

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