Best Design Awards Winner 2017 – Silver

A revolution in modular furniture design. Keystone is a uniquely reconfigurable system which supports modern work practices with unparalleled acoustic properties. As its name suggests, Keystone offers you a central, foundational system which provides support for the entire office.

Keystone’s unique design provides superior flexibility and agility.
Change is a guaranteed part of the modern workplace. Whether due to team growth, large-scale organisational restructure or changes to accommodate new styles of working, furniture should be flexible, agile and consider the future.

Traditional office furniture can be limiting. A single item of furniture is used for a single purpose. With Keystone, however, a focus pod can be reconfigured to be a sofa or a collaborative setting offering a unique, multi-functional user experience.

How it works
It offers users a “kit of parts” – an inventory of interchangeable components or “ingredients” which can be combined and reconfigured into various “recipes”- adapting to evolving needs with minimal investment.

Future Proof – Keystone adapts to evolving needs by scaling up or down with shifts in staff or location.

Cost Saving – Keystone’s shared wall system, reconfigurable design and sturdy construction saves you money in the long run.

Superior Acoustics – World-leading nanofibre technology offers superior acoustic performance and minimises noise and distractions for users.

Sustainable – Eco-friendly materials and manufactured under a robust Environmental Management System (EMS), Keystone’s modular pieces nest for more compact shipping.

Innovative – Keystone utilises innovative design features including the patented clipping system which connects the walls together.

Quality Manufacturing – Peace of mind investment in a well-made product constructed of high-quality, low VOC materials that are durable for frequent reconfiguration.



Dimensions (mm): 

Entree Task: 1300w x 650d x 1300h

Table for One: 1600w x 1300d x 1300h

Table for Two: 2600w x 1600d x 1300h

Petit Four: 3200w x 2600d x 1300h

Degustation Task: 4080w x 1300d x 1300h

Picnic Table: 3800w x 1300d x 1300h

Personal Lounge: 1940w x 1350d x 1300h

Entree Lounge: 1300w x 650d x 1300h

Espresso: 1300w x 1000d x 1300h

Espresso Flip: 2600w x 1000d x 1300h

Espresso Side by Side: 1300w x 2000d x 1300h

Private Diner for Two: 2200w x 1300d x 1300h

Private Diner for Four: 2200w x 1600d x 1300h

Private Diner for Four Plus: 2200w x 2250d x 1300h

Double Diner – Back to Back: 3200w x 2200d x 1300h

Double Diner – Side by Side: 4400w x 1600d x 1300h

Triple Diner – Side by Side: 6600w x 1600d x 1300h

Degustation Lounge: 4080w x 1300d x 1300h

Picnic Bench: 3800w x 1300d x 1300h

Banquet Corner: 3200w x 3200d x 1300h

Banquet Plus: 3850w x 1600d x 1300h

Quad Pod: 2200w x 2200d x 1300h

Slice: 4800w x 1600d x 1300h


Standard Melteca: Snowdrift, Seal Grey, Sublime Teak
Futura HPL: White, Black
Spectrum Eco: Finnish Birch
Fabrics: Customer specified fabric

5 Years

Made In:
New Zealand

Lead Time:
4-6 weeks
Custom Orders: 6-8 weeks

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